i want her hairHalle’s short cut.

Beyonce’s flowing weave.

Alicia’s cornrows.

Whatever the current trend, we want it. And, we want it now!

The problem is, these women and their signature styles are designed specifically for them. Yes, them! Their texture, their length and their facial structure all taken into account–likely through several consultations with a professional stylist and a lot of trial and error.

When you think about the styles you want make sure to talk to your stylist about whether it will work for you. What kind of daily regimen commitment does the style require? Will you need a relaxer? To go natural? A cut?

Before you insist on making a change, listen to your stylist and, most of all, listen to your hair! It is paramount that you understand whether your hair can support the style you want.

Maybe achieving Halle’s spiky look requires products that are too drying for your tresses, or Alicia’s cornrows pull out your delicate strands. Take into account your length, texture, curl pattern and grooming practices. Then, find the style that’s right for you! Nothing is as satisfying as having the hair that makes you look your best, keeps your hair healthy and easy to manage.

With the right tailored style, people will be saying they want your hair!