Most women are concerned about the health of their hair and scalp. We purchase products, change stylists and sometimes take tips from strangers in pursuit of the “perfect” head of hair. Unfortunately, hair and scalp health has reached an all-time low – especially for women of African descent. So, what’s happening with our hair? Improvements in product technology, access to the internet and multiple style options would have one believe that anyone can find a magic cure for any hair issue; however, many women are still frustrated. There are so many variables in our lives that can impact our hair and scalp: diet, health, stress, grooming regimens, environment…the possibilities are endless!

Knowledge is essential in understanding the impact of LIFE on our hair and scalp. Research on how physical and mental health, environmental factors, genetics and personal practices affect our hair plays a crucial role in solving many of the problems that exists in the world of hair.

You have a unique opportunity to be a part of this research! Your willingness to volunteer to participate in various hair studies allows us the platform to further address the impact of lifestyle on hair and scalp health.

Are you ready to provide 21st century hair care solutions?


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