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Studies Show

  • 80 million people in America suffer from alopecia (hair loss) – American Academy of Dermatologists

  • $3.5 billion is spent per year on hair loss treatments  – American Hair Loss Association

  • 99% of treatments are ineffective – American Hair Loss Association

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Here’s what people are saying about our team of experts

“ My experience was absolutely wonderful. The atmosphere is very private and relaxing. I made a great decision when I booked with [the] Hair & Beauty Treatment Center.”

~ L Johnson

“I was skeptical if I would see results, but I did! Dana took the time to explain the process and how everything worked together. With her expertise, I saw growth. Having thinning hair as a woman is very emotional, and with Dana’s positive attitude and the growth, I saw I’m now feeling encouraged.”

~ S Davis

“I received treatment for 12 weeks. Dana is very knowledgeable about what things can cause hair thinning and loss. She encourages clients to do their part so the growth can be a success. Dana is patient and willing to go above and beyond to help clients to get the results that they’re looking for. I encourage anyone who is experiencing hair loss to look Dana up.”

~ M Gaines

“Knowledge, patience and expression of caring of the trichologist exceeds expectations. Donecia makes me feel welcome, well cared for, and sets the perfect ambiance.” 

~ O Blackmon

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