Are you a Black man over the age of 18 and have 4+ inches of naturally curly hair?

Get Your Hair Cut For FREE and help science at the same time!

Don’t let your hair go to waste! Why not help a great cause?

Did you know that Black people in America account for one out of five total haircare dollars spent but our hair type is not properly represented in scientific testing? It’s time to understand what is best for our hair and the implications of products and ingredients. Our mission is to change the status quo but we need YOUR hair to do it.

Mane Insights is a company that conducts scientific research to better understand the needs of hair and scalp and we are providing you with a free hair cut if you allow us to use your hair in our scientific studies.


We will study how product ingredients affect hair properties.

We will learn if product claims are really true.

We will educate our community about our findings so you can make informed decisions about what is best for your hair.

Mane Insights uses science to provide you with 21st century hair care solutions.


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