accentuate the positiveI recently read a blog that really made me think.

The author talked about how she hated to see herself in photos. You know the routine! In this new age of posting everything, many of us go through the same derogatory list when taking a picture…my belly is too big, my arm fat is showing, I don’t have on my makeup! Whatever the excuse, we make it.

This author had recently lost a relative and was going through photos when she had an epiphany…who cares? When she looked at photos of her loved one, she only saw the joy in their faces, the way they held each other, the connection that the photo captured. From then on, she decided she would take every picture she could.

That made me pause. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why can’t we look at life this way? Embrace the things that are good about us? Yes, we can always be better, but, while we’re a work in progress, can’t we enjoy the process?

So, I’ve decided that today I’m going to be positive about my hair.

My hair is resilient! I’ve made a lot of mischief in my hair journey…a curl (it was the 80’s!), a relaxer, color, braids, you name it. Through it all, my hair has always managed a comeback to a healthy state. I can’t thank it enough for being strong and forgiving!

My hair is soft and free-flowing with body! I have very curly hair (Type 4c when in its natural state!). And, while it takes a lot of work to handle, it’s worth it. My hair doesn’t easily fall in humidity and when it does, I can easily pull it back into a ponytail and be ready for my next event!

My hair is vibrant! I love my hair color and the way it changes with the sun!

My hair looks healthy! Taking proper care of my hair has paid off. Learning how to treasure my tresses has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

Take a break from negativity and list the ways in which your hair works for you! It’s a start…today it’s hair, what can you be positive about tomorrow?