coolweatherhairmaintenceLike most of you, I was not ready for the warm weather to end but, alas, autumn is here! We not only feel it because of the change in temperature, but for those of us who have more than hair stubble, our hair is going through a change.

During my last few weekly hair washings, I’ve had to adjust my grooming regimen because of the decrease in humidity. In the summer, I was use to using light conditioners to counterbalance the excessive sebum that my scalp naturally produces. Now, however, I need to add a little more leave-in conditioner and oils because my hair was starting to feel dry and stiff and look dull. I’m sure I’m not alone. But, knowing my hair allows me to continue to do what’s best no matter the seasons!

Here are some things YOU may need to consider:

  1. Choose product types based on your hair style. Because of the additional moisture in the air your hair ‘gives’ more and is more supple in the summertime but has a tendency to become more stiff during cooler months. If you like more sculptured styles where your hair stays put, this is the perfect season for you! Why? Because you don’t have to use as much gel, wax or hair spray to keep your hair looking good. However, if you like free-flowing hair, you will probably need to use products that contain more water to increase fiber flexibility for the body and suppleness you desire
  2. Manipulate less. Some of us like to play in our hair and experiment with colors and different styling techniques. While we all want to explore all of the possible looks we can have, the cooler months are not the time for excessive and frequent hair changes. These  may compromise the integrity of your hair! When the weather is harsh, space apart drastic hair manipulations by at least two months. This will allow your hair to adjust. Don’t worry, you’ll still have an opportunity to get the style you desire, but you’ll miss the risk of compounding weather related hair issues you may later regret!
  3. Use your styling implements wisely. This is especially true for you curly girls who want to wear your hair straight during the time of year where you don’t have to fight against humidity. You can achieve your all day straight style, but be sure to use the lowest temperature settings on your heat appliance and no more than two heat passes. Even though most heating appliances are capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 450 °F, resist the urge to go that high. Yes, it may take some trial and error for you to determine the temperature setting that is right for you, but you will appreciate the effort when your hair is in great condition when warmer weather comes around again.